Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Strategia dell'attenzione

Quando il complotto, l'inganno e il sotterfugio sono sistematici, la dietrologia è l'unico mezzo che consente di guardare alle cose dalla parte giusta.

"Journalists, who investigated human rights violations in Fallujah, faced all kinds of obstacles.  Two reporters of Al-Arabiya were arrested by the Iraqi police, who confiscated their video tapes.  Enzo Baldoni was reporting on Fallujah, when he was kidnapped in August, 2004.  A short time later, he was killed by his abductors.  The Islamic Army in Iraq claimed the murder, asserting that Baldoni was a spy.[8]  Some critics, however, suspect that something about the abduction doesn’t add up.[9]  The enigma was never solved and the case has since been closed". 
In memory of Fallujah - Inge Van De Merlen, 24 June 2006

[8] Iraqi fighters watching journalists.  Aljazeera, 26 March, 2006. ( (off line)
[9] Enzo Baldoni, who’s killing him one more time?  Pipistro’s blog, 27 March, 2006. (

Enzo Baldoni met the journalists of Fallujah

Chi erano e che fine hanno fatto i giornalisti di Fallujah?

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